Amedeo Migali
Amedeo MigaliManaging Director

PhD in Naval Architecture, with a doctoral dissertation on trimaran hulls, he has worked for 5 years on research applied to multihulls using numerical and exprimental methods. He gained significant experience in structural design and naval architecture, collaborating with universities and research istitutions; for 3 years he has been Project Manager for Atlantis SpA, a brand of the AzimutBenetti group, dealing with large areas of project management. Numerous his technical pubblications in national and international conferences, most notably the one in collaboration with Michael Peters Yacht Design, Research and Development division of the AzimutBenetti and the Experimental Tank Institute in St. Petersburg (KRISO), concerning the performance of very fast stepped hulls. Among the collaborations should be reported as current, ongoing with Montecarlo Yachts (hull design, structural design, project management), Prestige Yachts (structural design, project management), and as Deputy Technical Director of the Istituto Giordano. He is partner of LadyHawke Catamarani srl, an italian company active in the design and production of work ( and pleasure ( catamarans. He owns and manages Micad.
Since the academic year 2017-2018 he has become contract professor at the University of Trieste for the course of “Fast Hulls”.