Gimax 3D S2

Fast and simple additive manufacture process. 
Useful to create makeups and model scale components of assemblies as well as some light structural components.

3D SLA technology printer Formalbs Form 2

Form 2 delivers high-resolution parts with stereolithography technology using a high power laser beam that polymerizes a photosensitive resin. The printer permits to obtain a high-quality level of prototypes with a resolution from 25 to 100 microns also in clear resin.

Phonometer Class 2

A Class 2 Sound Level Meter will be designed to meet the requirements of IEC 61672-1:2002 standard and will meet the performance requirements that are in this standard for a Class 2 instrument.

We recognizes the positive impact that appropriate comfort requirements and design practices can have on the Owner and their guests’ comfort, safety, and overall well-being. 

The tool help us to provide a means to measure and assess the level of comfort.

LaserScanner Focus 3D

We use a high-speed three-dimensional scanner suitable for all measurement and documentation tasks, delivering a high level of detail. It uses laser technology to generate incredibly detailed three-dimensional images of complex geometries and environments within minutes.

Thermocamera FLIR E6

The instrument is point-and-shoot, which replaces an optical pyrometer, also in economic terms. Each thermal image pixel contains the temperature information. RINA Level 2 NDA

Bruel & Kjaer Vibrotest 80

VIBROTEST 80 is the new portable measuring instruments for machine diagnostics, balancing and for condition monitoring.

Traveling in yachts may impose a series of generally low-frequency mechanical vibrations as well as single-impulse shock loads on the human body. The tool help us to provide a means to measure vibration on board. 

Inertial Measurement Unit MTI G700

Internal L1 GPS Receiver, high performance vibration Resistant MEMS based gyroscopes (10 deg/h), integrated in FFA (DO-160) certified applications; useful for sea trials and trim angle measurements of planning boats

VR Virtual Reality

With the VR viewer we can offer a real life boat experience. It also allows us to design and test boat spaces in the best possible way.