Project Description


ArciMAS is a military vessel concept, based on the Renato “Sonny” Levi ram wing hull (tested in the 70’s powerboat races on Arcidiavolo and Arcidiavolo II), combined with the military concept of World War II italian MAS (Motobarca Armata Siulrante – Torpedo-armed motorboat).
This particular kind of hull is optimized with CFD softwares to achieve a high maximum speed using the aerodinamic lift of the fore tunnel, avoiding the excessive pitch of the catamarans in rough seas. The fore sponsoons give to the vessel a great stability particularly useful in the rescue operations and could be equipped with guns or other weapons for the attack operations.
The use of trimmable and steering surface drives reduces furtherly the total drag of the boat and improves the propulsive efficiency and manouvrability. This concept raises itself to represent a multi-purposes idea of supply vessel able to satisfy all the requirements of S.A.R., military and coastal surveillance operations in all sea conditions.