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MICAD's new strategy
Amedeo Migali

Growing a company is a wonderful journey, passing through sunny days, or wind and strong waves and sometimes you have to know how to face storms. But then a new sunrise of a sunny day comes back and with the sun even the crew's happiness rises. MICAD has been working for 12 years in the yachting world and has delivered 32 projects. When I say projects I mean pleasure boats, on which in many ways we supported (different kind of) boat builders in products development having always in mind owners experience and requirements.

During the pandemic without fear we hired talented people and many things, in the market and within our company, have changed and are still changing. With 2021 a new chapter is opening, with a new strategy, new logo and new website. Expert colleagues are joining the team and we have a lot of work to do to stay closer to the boat owners and boat builders. The most important are to keep observing, studying, dreaming, imaging new technologies to experiment, develop new projects and of course having new ideas. 

Our crew produce ideas, so we make creative engineering. We help people to experience the sea using attractive and exciting boats. We do this by looking at the sustainability of our projects and at the new generations, offering, for that reason, solutions that respect the environment.

Our approach is focused on people, those who will experience the sea on board our boats and it is with them and for their needs that we intend to design them. I'm proud of the goals we've achieved but above all of the way we've worked over the years. Maybe it's trivial, but a working group that grows is like a family: we fight, we push each other, we lose but, more importantly, we get back up. Together and as soon as possible.

Thank you all so much for the fantastic experience we had till now and for the time and commitment that you have all put into this journey. In addition to our team, I would like to extend my thanks to the projects partners, associations and institutions that have helped us in various ways, have supported us. I can only conclude by thanking the people representing our customers who have collaborated with MICAD in recent years or with whom we are about to start a collaboration. They are not only customers, they are friends and colleagues with whom we give life to sketches, drawings and virtual models, contributing to create that fantastic object called boat.

To stay closer to all of you, dear friends, we are starting this JOURNAL, a way to be connected and where we will report and share with you all news, projects, innovations and ideas. I hope you will enjoy this new trip with us.

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