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Acquisizione di servizi finalizzati a promuovere attività di innovazione

Acquisizione di servizi finalizzati a promuovere attività di innovazione
Start Date01.12.2019
End Date25.02.2022

27 months



Thanks to the incentive from the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region it was possible 
to define a strategic innovation plan: develop technologies and obtain know-how
in the field of fluid dynamics and structural simulation,
 software development, virtual reality and study some issues traditionally linked
to naval engineering such as the seaworthiness of boats 
or the study of vibrations and on-board comfort.
To meet this need and with the aim of embarking on the path of innovation, it was
decided to activate specific consultancies for commercial, product and process innovation.
 The consultancies are related to different disciplines; as regards support for digital
services innovations, a legal consultancy has been planned to explore the issue of privacy and user data management.

Regarding concept innovations,
training courses have been scheduled on topics of interest within the strategy described: - virtual and augmented reality, - Advanced three-dimensional modeling training.

Regarding commercial innovation,
consultancy on the subject of strategic and operational marketing has been planned.

In addition, consultancy has been planned
for participation in European research and innovation calls.

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