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Start Date01.04.2019
End Date30.10.2020

18 months


143.913 €

The objective of the EASYPRO project is to develop a modular collaborative hardware/software infrastructure that can coordinate all the project activities of the vessel, allowing the timely sharing of the necessary information.

The infrastructure will allow users to:

  • easily manage and distinguish the time and logic phases of a project
  • assign roles to team resources
  • manage, assign and monitor activities to one or more people
  • set up logics of dependency between activities
  • clustering activities to make project development more efficient
  • analyse priorities between project activities and level resources
  • diversify activities on the basis of model structures adapted to shipbuilding
  • generate project timesheets
  • set milestones
  • archive project deliverables in a secure, accessible and shared way
  • overcome e-mail as an internal and external communication tool using web 2.0 tools
  • monitor and manage project costs
  • diversify the user experience according to the user’s tasks
  • to archive and share the acquired know-how in a simply reproducible format
  • create reports.


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