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Start Date19.11.2018
End Date16.04.2020

17 months


712.030,39 €


KARBOREK RCF Srl, Giannuzzi Srl, Sinapsi Srl, MICAD Srl ed Enea

The project proposes the utilization of RCF (Recycled Carbon Fibers), using non-woven fabrics, in the aeronautical sector and in particular for the creation of interior components.

The following macro objectives will be pursued within the project:

  • Optimization of the RCF recovery process for the production of top quality non-woven fabrics
  • Development and definition of a process for the realization of RCF-based non-woven fabrics, for the applications of interest
  • Development and definition of a liquid infusion process with RTM technology for the production of RCF-based composite materials
  • Design, implementation and validation of non-woven fabrics prototypes and related components for aeronautical interiors
  • System for traceability of materials / semi-finished products / products obtained from RCF.
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